A look at Verizon Data breach digest report

Verizon released  its data breach digest report. It is a resume of 500 Cybersecurity investigations  occurring in over 40 countries. All scenarios were drawn from real-world cyberinvestigation.It is a 84 pages document with 18 scenarios divided in 4 groups:

  •  The human element—five scenarios highlighting human threats
    or targets.
  • Conduit devices—five scenarios covering device misuse or tampering.
  •  Configuration exploitation—four scenarios focusing on reconfigured or
    misconfigured settings.
  •  Malicious software—four scenarios centering on sophisticated or
    special-purpose illicit software.

The steps of incident response are well documented: Detection,containment,remediation .recovery and lessons learned.The vulnerabilities used during these attack are referenced in a very high technical way as well as the methods used to bypass those. You can get the report here.




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