Cloud company Evernote hacked,50 millions passwords resets

Evernote is an online service that provides the ability to store pictures, musics, videos and text on the internet and access those from any devices. Its users can edit their notes from anywhere. The company has acknowledged that it has suffered from a data breach. According to the statements released after the intrusion,there was no evidence that the contents stored in Evernote were accessed, payment information related to Evernote premium or Evernote Business customers were not accessed either.

Evernote Security Notice
Evernote Security Notice

Congratulations , passwords stored by Evernote are hashed and salted.

As an Incident response measure, Evernote is sending email notifications to all its customers, urging them to reset their passwords. Indeed , hackers could use those emails addresses to send unsolicited messages like spam. By enforcing the use of strong passwords, Evernote aims at reducing the attack surface of its online service. To be sure that your data is safe in a cloud based service:Do not use passwords based on dictionary words,Do not use the same passwords on multiple sites and services , never click on ”passwords reset emails” but instead go to the web page.


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