Typosquatting and Doppelganger

Typosquatting is the typographical error made by internet users when inputting a web address into a browser. As a result, the URL request is redirected to the domain that mimics the one the user really wants to access. Then appears the so called doppelganger domains, which are spelled identical to the legitimate domains  but differ only with the missing character separating the subdomain name to the primary domain name.

This morning while accessing my msn mail account, i did a mistake in the URL address in my Opera browser. I wrote instead of, sure I was redirected to the doppelganger domain which was able to execute a javascript script inside my browser,as show in the picture below

Javascript Script in the Opera Browser

They reminded me that I was selected as an Espo’o winner, though I live in Helsinki. To get the prizes,the malicious script suggest I clik ok. Clicking OK leads to an online survey pretending to be gain reclaim, see from the following snapshot

Doppelganger Game Winner

Cybercrooks are getting money from those online scams. The only way to bypass this is to be careful when accessing a web address, type and verify that there is no grammatical mistakes in the URL name. For the firefox users, try to install the NoScript add-on to avoid script being executed in the web browser.


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